Securing optimum storm protection for your property begins with a thorough understanding of the subject property
combined with a thorough understanding of the best solution options available from the finest manufacturers. Our expert ability to achieve that objective is what makes us different.

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Storm Solutions USA® will help you find the best protection against the storm, and maximum peace of mind when you must leave everything behind.

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Serving residential and commercial properties in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.

"If your coastal property features unique architecture, we offer unique solutions for hurricane and storm shutter protection. Call us today!



No. Storm Solutions screens provide visibility and translucency even during a storm. Aluminum roll-down shutters, however, are not translucent.
Yes. Many customers choose to deploy their Storm Solutions screens during the “off-season” or when they are not in residence. This protects windows and doors from nor’easters and wind-driven sand and rain that can destroy windows and trim, and also creates a thermal barrier by protecting windows from cold air blasts. Because most of our storm protection systems allow air to circulate, they are not prone to rot, mildew or any other weather-related deterioration.Accordion Sample Description
Storm Solutions products have a 10-year warranty. For more information, see the “Warranty” section of our website.
Yes. Storm Solutions products meet or exceed current building and insurance code requirements and have all necessary testing approvals (see “Product Approvals” on the website.)
Storm Solutions provides a variety of protective systems, including several that will protect windows and doors from breaking. Even in systems where a break is theoretically possible (aluminum roll-down shutters, fabric screens, and rigid panels), the occurrence of broken glass is highly unlikely. In the event of a break, Storm Solutions systems will maintain the pressure of your home or business and defend against catastrophic wind and water damage.
It depends on the type of installation method that you choose. In all cases, Storm Solutions has developed custom caps, coverings, and architectural details to ensure the most aesthetically discreet installations on the market.
Storm Solutions systems protect against wind, water, and flying debris. They are also designed to protect against structural failure and pressurization of the dwelling in the event of window or door failure.
Fully installed products cost from $15 to $25 per square foot. Due to the variety of our solutions, however, the exact price of each custom job is determined by proprietary software that takes into account location, wind pressure requirements, and the types and sizes of windows and doors.
Yes. Some insurance companies offer premium reductions and/or waivers of premium increases for customers who fully protect their homes against storms. Also, insurance companies are adding “wind deductibles” to existing policies in certain areas of the country but often waive those fees for customers who install full storm protection. In most cases, the cost of a Storm Solutions system is less than the value of the additional deductible.
Custom storm systems usually arrive within three to four weeks after placing an order. During hurricane season, they usually arrive in about four to six weeks, so we encourage customers to call us well in advance of the season.
Yes. Storm Solutions has re-engineered systems to be quick and easy to deploy, in many cases by a single person. With a powered roll-down solution, deployment is literally done with a click of a remote!




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“Climate change and sea-level rise is expected to increase the frequency and severity of wind-related hazard events in the upcoming decades.”

Joe Bastardi, Chief Forecaster of the Hurricane Center

“The Northeast is staring down the barrel of a gun… The Northeast coast is long overdue for a powerful hurricane, and with the weather patterns and hydrology we’re seeing in the oceans, the likelihood of a major hurricane making landfall in the Northeast is not a question of if but when.”

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“In a recent presentation, the National Weather Service described New England as having an ‘inexperienced population’ with tropical storm impacts and underscored the need for investing in hazard mitigation.”